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God doesn't seem to care just..don't I feel safe anywhere. The world "unfolds" despite the damage as though was there no damage. Microbial cultures; My fathers one sister lived at my aunts often, in the room I at one point began staying at and did for some months-half a year. I have this experience of something collective in nature extracting knowledge and wisdom etc. Also this idea of something using my ethos for its own gain.I don't feel safe at my moms house but I also don't feel safe away from my mos place. Methods that would work were things better, yet cause a need for more of the same while unable to keeping accessing the necessary; addiction. This means a microbial culture transferring: Me carrying traits of alcoholism manifesting in marijuana; desiring the specific both empathic, emotio... This began when I began fighting with my parents, having begun smoking weed: I was good at describing the faults and errors in their raisi...I pondered today on whether I was being abused in the fellowship, then pondered if connected to a child and simply decided to think that "this child should just tell its teachers". I never minded having the house full of kids, but I am always full of anxiety about the parents that bring them. Don't know what I'm doing surrendering or giving up.Indirectly I can comprehend this differently; having visited Plum Village (Zen Monastary part of it) where people are... Dont get a hold of my kids and don't know what to do without contact with them .

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I was practicing my civologics, as I usually do, walking not only in t... And my hubsy is very brave, he hides in back of the ya...Just this morning I saw this on Facebook "People will never truly understand something until it happens to them".After I read that, I came on the Message Board to get my strength for the day and saw this post.Was reading from the language of letting go and the part about working a step when we are full of rage and our beliefs allowing them to surface and replace them with a new one.

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Xtreem Conne X is a social website that offers free adult chat rooms for people looking to connect and meet new friends online.Hello everyone, Welcome to the Miracles In Progress 12 Step Recovery Forums "Step Work Board" at you registered on the Step Work Board onor before 10/4/10 your account on the board has been confirmed and validated, so all you need to do to interact... I hate seeing people happy when I don't feel happy. The place I ​went to get weed, the only right place, is a massi​ve eco... This has been misunderstood as me simply wasting money and not caring to ha... After the last argument between hubsy and a delivery guy, the post office refuses now to deliver to our home. (he declared that he was agressed, the reality being that first he behave agressively then hubsy resp...was due to another cause and it could work itself out by that time.