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The first primary written account of Jews in Central Asia dates to the beginning of the 4th century CE.It is recalled in the Talmud by Rabbi Shmuel bar Bisna, a member of the Talmudic academy in Pumbeditha, who traveled to Margiana (present-day Merv in Turkmenistan) and feared that the wine and alcohol produced by local Jews was not kosher.Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the great majority have immigrated to Israel or to the United States (especially Forest Hills, New York), while others have immigrated to Europe or Australia.The term Bukharan was coined by European travelers who visited Central Asia around the 16th century.Bukharan Jews used the Persian language to communicate among themselves and later developed Bukhori, a distinct dialect of the Tajiki-Persian language with certain linguistic traces of Hebrew.This language provided easier communication with their neighboring communities and was used for all cultural and educational life among the Jews.The younger generation use Russian as their primary language, but do understand or speak Bukhori.

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Before the construction of the first synagogue, Jews had shared a place in a mosque with Muslims.In 1793, Rabbi Yosef Maimon, a Sephardic Jew from Tetuan, Morocco and prominent kabbalist in Safed, traveled to Bukhara and found the local Jews in a very bad state. Maimon was disappointed to see so many Jews lacking knowledge and observance of their religious customs and Jewish law.He became a spiritual leader, aiming to educate and revive the Jewish community's observance and faith in Judaism.It was used widely until the area was "Russified" by the Russians and the dissemination of "religious" information was halted.