Child dating online

17-Jun-2017 10:16

Thus, the proportion of child luring incidents not cleared by the laying of charges or cleared otherwise may be explained by the difficulties inherent in identifying and apprehending online predators outside of the borderless and seemingly anonymous world of the Internet.There are many challenges police face in acquiring the evidence necessary to lay charges against people for crimes committed over the Internet.As a result, email, instant messages, blogs, chat rooms, online gaming, and other online networking mechanisms are becoming a larger part of the social network of today's children and youth (Sinclair, 2007).While expanding the means for social networking, these technologies also offer potential opportunities for child sexual exploitation (National Child Exploitation Coordination Centre, 2006; Wittreich, Grewal and Sinclair, 2008).For example, conversations or sexually exploitative images are easily stored and removed from digital devices such as cameras, cellular phones, music players and game consoles; all of which are likely to go undetected (Denis, 2007).Training, cooperation and information sharing between organizations, as well as time and funding have been identified as essential in locating online offenders both nationally and internationally (Sinclair and Sugar, 2005).According to the Youth Internet Safety Survey (YISS), a nationally representative survey conducted in 2005, one in three Internet users aged 10 to 17 was exposed to unwanted sexual material; one in seven received unwanted sexual solicitations and one in eleven had been the recipient of threats or offensive behaviour over the past year (Wolak, Mitchell, and Finkelhor, 2006).Moreover, some of these online victimizations appear to be on the rise in the research, to be a growing number of children and youth exposed to exploitive and threatening material, few of these incidents are reported to the authorities.

(which primarily involve sexual abuses against children) was nearly 8 in 10 for the two-year period covering 20.

Presently, there is little data available on child luring.