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21-Apr-2017 22:55

Mine doesn't have any of the lettering left and I'm trying to work out whether it's an original where the lettering has worn away or a repro.Thanks Rupert : Could someone with an original DA please tell me whether the 'Dan Armstrong - Ampeg' lettering was set / etched / stamped into the pickguard or was it just something like a transfer that sat on the top of it.One particular genre that’s benefited with a growing fanbase is stoner rock, which is characterized by its incredibly massive sound and heaving, sludgy riffs that are oftentimes drawn out into full-blown compositions that can easily top the 10-minute mark.Bands such as Sleep, Kyuss and The Melvins helped lay the groundwork for a lot of well-loved rock, and it’s really cool that those artists and others in their ilk are finally starting to get the attention and praise that too few realized not too long ago.My 1969/1970 is A1249D Subtract 100 from the number and your 434 is early indeed. At one point Dan ran out of Schallers, bought a lot of Grovers but hen reverted for a bit to the Schallers about 1970 but eventually later in 1970 went with the Grovers once again. I have had 1249 since 1976 and had in hand as a friend of the original owner in 1970. Phil - I have a lot of experience in dating original Dan Armstrong guitars.It is not unusual to see the pickguards replaced, as they often broke at the jack. If you send me a couple pics including one of the serial number and headstock/pickups/bridge and the case I can kind of tell you what might be original and what's changed.I have looked at reviews on HC and saw that it was rated fairly well.I play mostly metal, and this thing looks like it could get the job done.i just want to see what you guys think, and if anyone has experience with these thing is from the 80's, any idea how much these things should go for??

Mine was modified to a single non slider with repop guard & 1 vol control........

Does any body out their have any leads on this guitar, at first I thought it may have been a prototype, however an English folk type band were around in the 60,s and 70,s the first album goes for around 0 I believe.