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“What we have in Ukraine is a battle by a declining but ever more desperately aggressive authoritarianism against a hostile civilisation,” argues Ms Shevtsova.“Retreat,” she wrote this week, “would be tantamount to suicide.” 19.04 For quick look at key aspects of Russia's creeping infiltration in Ukraine, read this piece by The Telegraph's Damien Mc Elroy and here's an extract: With a painful history as a Kremlin satellite and a Russian-speaking minority of its own, Lithuania can lay claim to a special hearing on how to handle cross-border aggression from Russia.Poland's state air navigation services agency PAZP took the decision because the plane had changed its status to military from civil for unknown reasons, spokesman Pawel Paluch said, Reuters reports.The plane had received a diplomatic permit for the return flight over Poland as a civil flight of the Russian airline Aeroflot, he said.17.55 José Manuel Barroso, president of the European Commission, had a "frank" telephone call with Mr Putin.In a statement, he expressed "his deep concern with the current events and the situation on the ground in Ukraine".After earlier excursions in Georgia, it has turned to a second ex-Soviet state.The Kremlin has steadily built up its presence in eastern Ukraine while using propaganda, misinformation and auxilliaries activities to create confusion about its activities on the ground.

agreed to implement the highest European and international data protection standards, including those contained in the Conventions of the Council of Europe."Of course we will grant a permit for the return flight over Poland when the plane changes back its flight plan to non-military," he added.17.58 When asked how the US interpreted Mr Putin's nuclear comments, a White House spokesman said: "When they're denying photographic evidence of Russian military action in Ukraine it's pretty hard to tell what they're thinking," Raf Sanchez writes.19.16 Lilia Shevtsova, a Russian political scientist with a forensic insight into the Kremlin, says Mr Putin is neither bellicose nor irrational, despite sending troops into a neighbouring country, writes The Telegraph's Tom Parfitt in Moscow.