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Since the 1980s, Israel's Ethiopian community has found itself the target of both opportunistic and systemic discrimination.

Living in highly segregated communities, they have complained of being refused jobs, housing, and their children being denied places in schools.

In February, 21-year-old Yityish Aynaw became the first black Miss Israel.

Born in Ethiopia, Aynaw was orphaned at the age of 12 and her maternal grandparents, already settled in Israel, sent for her and her younger brother. Or it would be, if Israel wasn't still grappling with its own history of discrimination against black Ethiopian Jews since the first planeload were flown into Israel more than three decades ago.

What she should not be taken for, however, is a sign that Israel's race problem is history.

Author's Update: It has recently been brought to my attention that the Israeli government did not, in fact, admit to injecting Ethiopian immigrants forcibly with a birth control drug.

Sadly, despite being created as a safe haven, Israel has found itself to be just as susceptible to racism and bigotry as any other country.

As in much of the rest of the world, the darker one's skin colour, the more discrimination they face .

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Sadly, for most of these 120,000 immigrants, it is a fairytale that does not have a happy ending.

While they were still in transit camps in Ethiopia, women were either misled or coerced into accepting injections of Depo-Provera.

"They told us they are inoculations," one victim told the Israeli investigative journalist who broke the story.

It is, after all, their very rareness that makes their success so notable.

Cathy Freeman took our breath away in Sydney precisely because we understand the seemingly insurmountable odds she scaled to get there. Her victory is so stunning because of the conditions her community has to contend with.

This is an argument that is frequently levelled against feminist and other social justice advocates.

The incorporation of Jewish practices into Coptic Christianity has not benefitted Ethiopian Jews but, rather, has given rise to a great deal of hostility. The Kebra Nagast Glory of Kings, the religious and national epic dating from the 14th century, illustrates Ethiopian Christianity's attitude toward Jews. It states that Ethiopia.… continue reading »

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