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07-Nov-2017 06:39

So, we have learned the following: Melissa Gira Grant and Audacia Ray give great interview. Farley, but the entire world cannot be shoe-horned into your own personal religion, no matter how hard you try. Don’t you just love it when some one lives in the real world and talks sense?Now don’t you two get too evil about what you bring when you are invited on Bill O’Reilly. They may be a bunch of compassion-challenged Objectivists over there, but we love them anyway. MSNBC and The Dallas Observer are about as classy as a drunk pimp. For a great deal of the media, there is distinct sub-human species, referred to as , “hookers”, “escorts” or “call-girls” that does not have the same rights or value as “men” and “women”. Reporter, but have you looked in the mirror lately? The New York Times can be counted on to uphold the highest standards – in yellow journalism.The second, “Hooker 101: Screening Johns” is valuable not just for safety reasons, but as Emilie makes clear, it is not cost-effective (i.e., it wastes money) to spend time on those who are not serious about your time.There are several other sites, articles, and books that address these topics, to greater and lesser degrees of detail.One can only hope we have reached the point where our societal protectors have become exhausted and spent, and now turn, slumber and snore their way through their dreams of judicial heroism, while the rest of us get back to reality.Yet, even if the prosecutors and police still have in them a youthful excitement and stamina over their pursuit of sex workers, their attention should not be the primary worry of any sex worker or sex work blogger.A brief note to update you on what has been accomplished this week.

Reading the News Bits from SWOP East for the past few weeks certainly gives the impression we are amidst one of those periodic spasms of law enforcement activity that climax with a series of high profile arrests.Those of you in the mainstream media looking for persons willing to make on the record comments about the issues around this incident may find several people willing to be interviewed through that site and through the various branches of the Sex Workers Outreach Project.Those interested in further reading on the choices and issues men and women in Sex Work face, and wish to go beyond the many blogs listed on this site, may find the book The Internet Escort’s Handbook by Amanda Brooks, as well as $pread Magazine, to be of interest.Which has half the country going “eww”, the other half signing up for one of Tristan Taormino‘s workshops, oh, and one in ten singing along to this song …

For the best commentary and reporting on the impact and fall out from the Emperor’s Club VIP / Governor Eliot Spitzer scandal, see Bound, not Gagged by the Desiree Alliance.Reality is, while the legal environment in the United States remains stupidly and perversely interested in what consenting adults do behind closed doors, unless a sex worker does things to draw attention to his or herself, our vaunted Police Forces have more important things to worry about.Keep in mind that the investigation into Eliot Spitzer’s liaison with Kristen was not initially about prostitution, but over misuse of funds.Yet, this blog is on the record for encouraging the adoption of, and being somewhat frustrated by, rather simple and easy steps seemingly few Sex Workers on-line have taken to ensure their own safety and security.