Freshman and senior dating stories

30-Apr-2017 11:16

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The activities that took place may have gotten slightly out of hand, but were not like this article describes.

I got to know many of the counselors personally and I highly doubt that they would not want to cooperate with the administration and devise a board to side step the university.

So if you do any of these things, just know that you're not alone. Not that you have any idea how to open your locker anyway. Even if you could open your locker, you have no idea where your next class is let alone how to get back to your locker during the couple of minutes between classes, so you break your back carrying around five huge textbooks.

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You don't realize that there's been an unspoken seating chart in place for years—and that table is for seniors only. Your parents drop you off every day for the first week.

You're doing anything to avoid walking into the wrong class by accident. Because you didn't go all out on the fiercest backpack in the history of backpacks for it to get dusty in some old locker. You wake up EXTRA early because you're just way too excited about the first day of high school.

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