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Still he will need at least two years to recover completely For further details click here 21 Feb: DNA. Doubles from Rs5,500 including breakfast click here 19 Feb: Outlook.

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He informed that the total gross budgetary expenditure is 17 thousand crores as against 16 thousand crores in 2017, thus representing an increase of 6.48 percent over the previous year. Alex Fernandes, perhaps the greatest Goan player ever to grace the game of football in East Africa as centre half. He reveals that he began by kicking a tennis ball on the walls of his Railway Quarters house in Nairobi. Conservative author and felon Dinesh DSouza apologized on Wednesday for tweets he posted that mocked the teen survivors of last weeks school shooting in Florida, which left 17 people dead On Tuesday, DSouza shared an image of the survivors weeping while they watched Florida lawmakers vote against discussion of a gun-control bill, and wrote: Worst news since their parents told them to get summer jobs. DOCUMENTARY: British Empire: Heroes and Villains - A Timewatch Guide. The directors latest film titled Garbage, was screened to a full house at the Berlin Film Festival, and is the only Indian film selected at the festival this year.He also informed that the government has laid emphasis on local employment for which a total provision of rupees 548 crores in the sectors of Industry, labour and Employment and Information technology are provided. Played for Kenya, Nairobi Heroes, Spurs and various other teams. That and other tweets he posted about the survivors were described as vile, disgusting and ghoulish. Garbage has already got a positive buzz around it and by the looks of it, the film wont be getting an official release in India any time soon because of Qs tendency to provoke and shock with his depiction of sex and violence ...While he added that in the total education sector including medical education a total of rupees 2445 crores have been made 4m. For further details click here Video: 22 Feb: Prudent Media. Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar presents Budget 2018-19 with size of 17123 crores, scheme worth 548 crores proposed for labour & employment, proposes vote on account for 5 months 17m. Chis Evans called him an insensitive pile of trash For further details click here Wikipedia: Dinesh D'Souza was born in Bombay in 1961. Garbage is set in Goa and revolves around 3 main characters - a driver who also doubles up as a social media troll, his sex slave and a medical student friend whose sex clip has been leaked online by her ex-boyfriend.His parents were Roman Catholics from the state of Goa in Western India, where his father was an executive of Johnson & Johnson and his mother was a housewife. Stanislaus High School in Bombay click here 22 Feb: The Sun (UK). According to Q the trigger for Garbage was the rape and murder in Goa of a neighbour and friend, Monika Ghurde, in her own apartment, by the building security guard click here Video: Director Q and some of the Cast of Garbage at Berlin click here : Goan Voice.