Girl like dating other guys

13-Jul-2017 00:56

when we talk, I'm always very confident, I make playful remarks in a**** and funny sort of manner, we both laugh a lot and our personalities seem to mesh well. (never held her hand, or kissed her or anything...)should I do? It is one thing to say "You aren't the only person I am currently checking out." It is another to go into detail. I can't speak for others, but I am not encouraged to make a move if I am told that a woman is seeing multiple people. Well, as far as I am concerned, I am only making her life simpler by taking myself out of it. When you are out on a date that person you are with should be the focus of you attention for however long you are with them. I hung out a couple times with a couple different guys at different times that were platonic and casually hang out deals for me, but were looked at as dates by them (mostly from them insisting several times they pick up the check and me finally giving in) but the word "date" was never spoken - and if it had been, I know I would have corrected it.

(besides the obvious of making a move on her...) she asked me if I've been seeing many girls, I told her I saw a few, but nothing has really developed (which is a lie... I've been on a few dates where the girl would talk about their ex's and I find it very annoying. If someone doesnt value you enough to make you the focus of the time spent with you , move on to someon ewho will. I'd like to ask the OP what the details of the dates were. Some guys will actually tell me it's anything but a date to get me to show up... Here's a novel thought, let's assume that the girl is not playing head games and merely wants to be upfront about the fact that she is dating other people.

It's true you might have been hopelessly "friend-zoned".

Don't assume that though until she either directly states that and/or rebuffs you when you go to kiss her.

I haven't been on any other dates, but I thought it would look pathetic if she was seeing other guys and I was only seeing her)my last post was about going in for the first kiss, and I guess i've come to the realization that I just need to man up and do it, i just don't know if I should do something before hand (like try to hold her hand when walking... If you care about her let her know,don't play the "I'm too cool to tell her" game. Just curious, OP..any event the "man up and kiss her" thing is probably what will do the trick, but at least if it doesn't, you'll know for sure what's going on. So many people accuse others of being players because they are dating other people.

or just sort of surprise her with a kiss).guess I'm just looking for your take on this... If she just wants to be friends then it's time to move on. S:uglybetty's advice is very good and insightful,such a inapropriate name for a pretty and smart woman. Some operate along the premise that until a relationship is exclusive, it is not the other person's business if he/she is dating other people.

If that's not the case, I think it's important to make that known.

My thinking is along the line of what Packagedeal stated.