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16-Jan-2018 15:56

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It always hurts seeing the nice male second lead getting hurt and pining for the female lead. I’m not sure what happened, but that feeling gradually ebbed away throughout the drama. Their interactions were what kept me going in the end.

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Anything he does will affect the company, and in turn the company’s workers.

, it had just started airing recently, so there were six episodes out already.

As the press closes in on her, Manager Park (I love this lady, seriously) nods at security and they block the paparazzi while Ah Jung is led away, dropping her cell phone in the havoc.

If you think it’s real, please don’t hesitate to drop in a comment and your thoughts about the two of them.

in a while because I was waiting for the last two episodes to come out, and then while I was waiting I browsed other dramas, and then I started those, and I kind of forgot about this one…. Luckily episode 14 left us at a pretty good cliffhanger, enough so that I wouldn’t really forget much even after taking such a long break. The paparazzi pester Ah Jung about why she did what she did, and she mentions forcing Ki Joon to sign a contract and telling him to keep it a secret.

Exhibit A, ) without glasses, and he did not look cute or even attractive. I know not everyone has this opinion, but I just felt like there should have been something else in the plot, and there just wasn’t. And I am so glad I didn’t fast-forward because that kiss that was the fare for Ki Joon giving Ah Jung a ride to work made my day. I think summarizing is probably easier with dramas that I watch episode by episode, each week as they come out.