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Flying is one of the times we’re allowed to truly unplug, and while I could spend those precious hours getting to know a stranger, I will selfishly admit that I’d rather zone out with a book or a movie.Besides, my encounters have rarely been enjoyable: On a flight from San Francisco to Chicago this year, a man who chatted nonstop for the first hour of the flight started getting personal.When you are a pale ginger kid like me and you burn instantly, SPF 110 is essential. I think I'm wearing some of Alaska's Britney Spears perfume. If I was a woman and I could look exactly like anyone, I'd want to look like Parker Posey. I used to hate that my lips are gigantic, and now I have huge red clown lips, and I love it. If you have to mask the things you're insecure about, go ahead.I think she's naturally gorgeous, but you could also put a ton of makeup on her and she'd still look good, too. Wear four pairs of pantyhose, pad your hips, boost your boobs—whatever it takes to walk out of the house feeling like you own the world.Also, at that age, women have a deeper understanding of what their style actually is.

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I stifled judgments, played it cool, and continued to listen as she told me how much she loved her husband, and how really this was just her attempt at feeling young again and breaking routine. By the time we started our descent, she had changed her mind.I’m very pro talking to seat mates—at least on short flights, when nobody’s trying to sleep—and doing so has resulted in several real life friends.Once, on a flight from Raleigh to New York, I started chatting up a young woman who was reading Yiyun Li’s which I’d just read recently and loved.They're based in Seattle and they made a Jinkx Monsoon line of makeup.

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My third pick is the Banana Boat Sport Performance Ultra Mist Sunscreen SPF 110. I get it at an Indian import store in Seattle; it kind of smells like frankincense. Tonight I'm wearing something more floral to go with my "Glinda the Good Witch" look. I think it's important to just remember that whatever you think you hate about yourself, there's a way to counter that with makeup and make that part of you beautiful.I put on my headphones, avoided eye contact, and tried to look as unapproachable as possible. The middle-aged Irish woman in the window seat tapped me on the shoulder and launched into conversation.We started with small talk, but by the second (of many) shared miniature bottles of whiskey, things had escalated.Because there's no reason to waste your life hating something you can change.

May 8, 2013. Also, at that age, women have a deeper understanding of what their style actually is. I think there's something about the aesthetic of a middle-aged cougar that has always spoken to me. You received some criticism on the show for not having the best beauty technique. How do you react to that, and how do.… continue reading »

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Middle Grade MG. A place to discuss the craft of writing middle grade novels for children aged 8 to 12. Moderator Melody. 5,377 Posts. 296 Topics. Re MG Dummy? by Debbie Vilardi. February 03, 2018, PM.… continue reading »

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Jan 9, 2017. If you've reached middle age, do you ever think to yourself “I keep wondering if this is all there is”? A lot of us have that feeling. Like many 50-somethings, you may be an empty-nester or an about-to-be-empty-nester. You're likely either 20-something years into a marriage or any number of years divorced.… continue reading »

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