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12-Jan-2017 19:22

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I mean — your mom just lit up when she held your hand,” I told Pat after we left the nursing home that day last summer.

“Sure, she definitely got confused at times, and that was so hard to see, but man, the love she had for you was just so incredible.

”So on my second date with my now-husband, I told him straight-up — half out of self-preservation, half out of fear — “I’ve always said, if you want to know if a guy is safe to date, see how he treats his mom.”After we picked up the rental car and finally reached the nursing home where she was staying, Pat briefed me on what exactly was going on with his mother.

Her health had severely deteriorated, and she was in the final stages of Alzheimer’s.“I missed you, Mom,” he said, putting his arm around her and clasping her right hand.

"It is of course unknowable whether the unusual circumstances of his birth helped to create that fecund entrepreneurial mix of intelligence, ambition, and a relentless need to prove himself.

Two other technology icons, Steve Jobs and Larry Ellison, were adopted, and the experience is thought by some to have given each a powerful motivation to succeed," Stone writes.

His biological dad, Ted Jorgensen, met and started dating his mother, Jacklyn Gise, when they were both in high school.

Jeff Bezos was born on January 12, 1964, as Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen.I once dated a man who screamed bloody murder at his own mother in front of me — plus my own mother.When I broke that relationship off, my mom and I whispered what we both had long known to be true: “If he treats his mom like that, how will he treat other women?They flew to Mexico with their parents' money to get married.