North carolina divorce separation dating

27-Apr-2017 12:00

Yes, that is a long time, especially for those who have been in an unhappy marriage for several years prior to the separation.Let’s consider the following issues to help you determine what may be the best choice for you.For example, Wife may have a platonic male friend that she confided in about her marriage troubles.Cell phone records reflect they text messaged and phoned each other daily.

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If Wife then starts dating platonic male friend shortly thereafter (or becoming even more serious than dating, such as becoming engaged), that could be used to show that there may have been the opportunity and inclination to have an extra-marital affair.Of course, no one can stop you from dating, but the question really becomes should you date?Having to wait one year before being able to file for divorce can mean you are still technically married for over year.I would suggest not introducing new partners until you have been dating the person at least six months to ensure it is a stable relationship.

If you have a decent relationship with your children’s other parent, it may not be a bad idea to give them a heads up you are making this introduction so when your children go back home to the other parent’s home and start talking about this person or have questions, they are prepared to address the issue.Living in two different homes causes quite a bit of unexpected change.In addition, your children are used to mommy and daddy being together.They can become attached and then one day that person is out of their life because you may have ended that relationship.