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When referring to a computer processes, a child is a sub process of the main parent process.

It is common for the parent process to remain active or open until the child process is completed.

tab allows you to set resolution, scripting console preferences, sound, graphics cards, and internationalization.

If your hardware does not support some of the options described on this page, then they will either not show up or get corrected on startup.

Enabling the checkbox will enable an alternate map using a ramp starting with an empty range.

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In modern systems, a directory can contain a mix of files and subdirectories.Limit the maximum resolution for pictures used in textured display to save memory.The limit options are specified in a square of pixels (e.g: the option 256 means a texture of 256×256 pixels). There are three virtual light sources, also called Open GL auxiliary lamps, used to illuminate 3D View scenes, which will not display in renders.Always consult your operating system documentation and services or consult your system administrator before changing this value.

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This option uses an alternative method of picking which uses depth information to select the front-most elements.

Files are organized by storing related files in the same directory.