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01-Sep-2017 01:07

Fortunately, Lulu has taken major steps to ensure that this isn’t going to be used as a revenge mechanism.

As I browsed, I noticed that no one got too harsh — which was never the intention of the founders.

(I’ve struggled with the latter part of this because I do think there may be some use for women to freely and openly indicate uncool behavior, like #Cheats ALot or #True Misogony, or even #Abusive Red Flag Run Away Run Away.

Yet, having unfettered, anonymous bashing — even if it is legitimately warranted — sounds like a tremendous recipe for danger.) So, it is the simplistic, super-traditional descriptors that make Lulu feel, well, less empowering.

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Questions like, “If he asked for a letter of rec, his teacher would say…” have answers like, “You’re in my class?(Note: He wasn't reviewed.) Yet, both she and I were concerned for our platonic buddies, as we have both coached and comforted just as many guy friends as girls through awful romantic entanglements.We didn’t want our dudes to have anonymous, spiteful dirt flung at them.“We're seeing our fastest growth in cities like New York, which Lulu has grown 600% in the last six months,” she says.

Now you can review just about anything online before you use it. Well, with clever promo language like “Girls can see and create reviews of guys who've signed up to get discovered by millions of girls” and “Once you sign up, you can watch your Lulu fan club grow,” Lulu. Which Smartphone Dating App Should You Use?… continue reading »

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