Rowupdating is not firing in gridview asp net

22-May-2017 11:04

Remember that my first column was a Hyper Link Field, so in order to pull that value, I must cast that column as a Hyper Link.

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EDIT My code is now as follows, and the item databound event is hit and so is the = assignment of the eventhandler to the radiobutton but clicking the radiobutton still doesnt hit my breakpoint in the On Checked Change of the radiobutton method: Have a looksy at this: On Checked Changed event handler of asp:checkbox does not fire when checkbox is unchecked at at way the "_Item Data Bound" is wired up.

and this article may be a little closer to your problem if your using item template in the file.

May be you may think why am I using link buttons as we are provided with some command field buttons by Grid View.

Because we are not using the Grid View’s built-in data model and are binding dynamically, the Grid View will not switch into and out of Edit Mode automatically. Hope this saves someone a full day of research (and possibly some hair)! To enhance this process, be sure to include your Grid View in an AJAX Update Panel.The override works fine, until I put a custom user control on the page: in this case the On Init event does not fire for the contentpage (no overrides are used in the user control) What are the possible causes/solutions for this?