Runic dating system easter table

16-Oct-2017 10:26

A Minnesota geologist thinks the controversial Kensington Runestone is the real thing and there is evidence that he says backs up the theory. Darwin's grandfather Olof Ohman has been considered the author of Minnesota's most famous fraud, the Runestone. Critics say the language on the stone is too modern to be from 1362, that some of the runes are made up.

It's something that puts settlers in America well before Columbus.

The use just the sticks of the Younger Futhark for a minimalist design.They were Templar crosses, the symbol of a religious order of knights formed during the crusades and persecuted by the Catholic Church in the 1300's."This was the genesis of their secret societies, secret codes, secret symbols, secret signs all this stuff. If they carved the rune stone why did they come here and why did they carve this thing? He has uncovered new evidence that has taken his research in a very different direction. They wondered why Templars would come to North America, carve the stone and code the date."If it's the Templars that were under religious persecution at the time, that would be a pretty good reason to come over here," Wolter figured."I'm sure a lot of people are going to roll their eyes and say oh it's the Davinci Code and if they do they do. In some parts of Norway runes were still being used well into the 18th century.

Runes in the Common Germanic runic al- phabet. He states that these figures refer to the auxiliary numbers used by medieval computers in calculating the dates of Easter and of those church festivals whose dates were connected with that of Easter. This involved system of dating operated with golden numbers — the.… continue reading »

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To get some sense of how Easter was calculated after Dionysius by people who lacked computers or even Arabic numerals, I here transcribe an actual table from a manuscript written in 1004. The epacts indicate the age of the moon i.e. days into the lunar month on March 22, the earliest possible date of Easter Sunday.… continue reading »

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