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11-Jun-2017 09:50

But now after getting a bit of distance from the situation, Brand, who became a dad last year, thinks of Perry and their time together fondly."I have come away from that experience and I still feel very warm towards her," Brand said.In this interview where Russell is looking to promote his upcoming US tour, we see Mika Brzezinski and panelist Brian Schactman continuously (consciously or unconsciously) attempt to belittle, trivialize and distract Brand with inane comments about his accent, clothes and general demeanour.

Had he allowed these sub-standards to continue, he would never have gotten their respect in the same way.

Go to Russell to purchase tickets to see me.” It’s refreshing to see someone take control in this way, and it’s something we can all take on board in our every day conversations.

Always remember that when you have great things to say, you don’t need permission from somebody to say them, and you certainly don’t have to wait to be asked the right question before you can get to the answer.

Although Russell is there ‘to be interviewed’, he’s very much in control of the direction of the conversation.

When he sees it’s not going in the direction he wants, he simply changes the subject to one that suits him.

Just ask Russell Brand, who appears to be softening his previously harsh stance on ex-wife Katy Perry., he said their short lived union ended yes, because of fame, but also because she was the kind of person he hated.