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27-Aug-2017 19:02

Any active subscriptions will be listed, and will look like this (we’ve called in and had these charges refunded, as you’ll note below, by the time of this writing): If you click on the title of a subscription, you’ll be given details as well as a link where you can dispute the charge.

While calling in to report your existing unsolicited monthly mobile subscriptions, there’s a couple things you can do to prevent monthly test message scam charges from recurring.This particular example came from the SMS Short Code 707-65.An SMS Short Code is an abbreviated number, or alias, used for SMS (text) messages.Once you do so, not only will AT&T be notified and be able to take action against this scammer, they will also reimburse your account for this message so you won’t be charged for it.

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A growing concern for mobile phone users is the rise in text message spam over the last few years.If you don’t reply STOP, you may well end up with a recurring monthly charge on your account.The way these services work is that they offer you a “trial” service, which really is just a regular text message loaded with some useless junk, and they then attempt to charge you if you don’t cancel (i.e. With AT&T, at least, this is how the process works. The worst part is that the recurring charges are very difficult to spot on your bill, so you may well end up paying the .99/ month extra for months without realizing you’re being scammed.Login to your AT&T wireless account, and click on your most recent bill.

Dec 4, 2014. Continuing its apparent aim to splinter all of its web services into individual apps, Facebook made Messenger the only way of chatting via Facebook on smartphones and. Both groups are attracted by the relative privacy Kik affords – it isn't hooked up to a phone's contacts although this is an option.… continue reading »

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Free trial/use of app requires credit card information to be placed on file; Time-limitation naturally leads to a smaller number of active users at any time; No way to. Pure is a mobile hookup app that seriously challenges the status quo when it comes to using your phone to instantly and anonymously find casual sex partners.… continue reading »

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Remember, this is a family-friendly board, so lets keep it clean. I know a bunch of the girls here work as phone operators for adult chat lines and from what I read of their very long thread, they're doing a fine job, making good money, and are really helpful in encouraging others who are interested in the.… continue reading »

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May 6, 2014. 'Mainly it is for the money, but some of the girls enjoy the male attention. Some girls don't think they have a choice. There's no 'type' of girl who becomes a phone sex operator and we all deal with it in different ways. Most of us are doing other things while we chat. painting our nails, emailing friends. one.… continue reading »

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Aug 24, 2013. Led by apps like Grindr and Bang With Friends, there isn't really an app that explicit helps you to find someone to have sex with on-demand. What if you could use your phone to deliver sex to where you are? That's the idea. "I hated all the endless chatting that was going on in other apps. With Pure, we.… continue reading »

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