Sexting chat rooms on iphones

22-Dec-2017 12:17

After you read this list, you’ll likely start looking at your teen’s texts in a whole new way. Over the last few weeks we have been delving into the topic of sexting teens.As we’ve discussed in our early article, Is Sexting Natural?, sexting is a unique development from the mix of technology and teen puberty.

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This phenomenon is even the basis of the hit MTV reality show, “Catfish”.Girls and boys take advantage of easy access and pry on a person’s feelings of insecurity to request lewd photos or pressure targets into sharing intimate images.Surprisingly, sexting isn’t restricted to teens going steady or those who are in exclusive relationships- it appears that some teens are willing to expose everything to a complete stranger.But most teens buy into the myth that, because sexting is a digital interaction, there aren’t any repercussions.

Dec 07, 2014 The 28 texting acronyms every parent should know. Topics parenting, sexting, teens. The culture really started with the release of chat rooms and.… continue reading »

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