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Many of the flaws the NTSB cited have yet to be fully addressed, according to Amtrak.It’s too soon to know whether any of that played a role in Monday’s crash.In an earlier video from the year before, a woman can be heard screaming when she is frightened by the loud sudden noise. From that, Barrow decided to launch The Blank Box, revising his old box method for something much simpler and sell-able.For roughly -, people can get their own safety boxes and replace with extra blanks for an additional .99.The project was designed to improve track quality, eliminate track defects, upgrade signals, and create safer railroad crossings.It was just a month ago that a crash in Chester, Pa., prompted a harsh rebuke for Amtrak from the National Transportation Safety Board, which found that a poor safety culture contributed to the April 3, 2016 derailment that killed two Amtrak railroad workers.

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The train involved in the crash was part of a new line on the West Coast, running between Eugene, Ore., and Vancouver, that launched today.

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There are at least six dead, according to the Associated Press, and more deaths are expected.

That story also quoted an anonymous source who said it’s possible the train struck something on the track that caused the disaster.As he looks at the box, it explodes and he fumbles down the steps on the foggy day.Another tries to take a box on December 1 at night only to be spooked so bad that he almost falls over the new gate that was put up in the last year.A man in Washington created a genius device to catch pesky thieves who steal packages from front porches.