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13-Mar-2017 11:23

'This past week I received group texts BY accident,' she explained.

'They are a bunch of parents and a coach for some kids soccer team.

A woman who was accidentally included in a group text message with a bunch of soccer moms couldn't resist stirring the pot by claiming her fictional son is 'the best on the team' — sparking a hilarious argument.

When Christi Rantis Lally from South Elgin, Illinois, found herself in the group chat, she opted to have a little fun with the parents.

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However, some parents can't get over her comments about her child being the best, and someone argues that there are plenty of other players who are superior to him.

Isn't this your job to take control when someone steps out of their place?

' Someone says Coach Juan has been made aware of the situation and will be addressing it at the meeting that night, but Christi boldly reminds them that her attendance depends on the snack situation.

Christi asks the person to 'name one', but the stranger argues that she can't because she doesn't know the name of her child.

'You can't say someone is superior if you don't know who my child is.

'Instead of telling them they had the wrong number, I did this. I'm so sorry Coach Juan.'The chat starts with someone telling the parents that Coach Juan want to meet with them at the end of practice that night.