Tips dating someone with bipolar

20-Jan-2018 05:33

Pay attention to these symptoms: feeling tired and burned out much of the time; physical signs of stress such as headaches and nausea; irritability; feeling down, deflated, reduced; changes in sleep or appetite; resentment toward your spouse; decreased intimacy in your relationship.

Remember that if you don’t secure your oxygen mask first, no one gets air.

In her book, “When Someone You Love Is Bipolar,” psychologist Cynthia Last, Ph. dedicates a chapter to the subject of denial and what you can do.

She suggests giving your partner a book that he can relate to and providing literature on the topic.

For example, you might not be aware of what a hypomanic episode looks like until you hear the doctor describe it.

In some cases a mutual understanding of symptoms is enough for a couple to avert a full-blown manic or depressive episode because together you can take steps to change the course.4. However, the most important rule is this: I have promised him that I will take my meds.

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“I’m not crazy.” “There is nothing wrong with me.” “I am not taking meds.” These statements do little to move your marriage into the happy zone.“I’d like to make the obvious point that I don’t think is made enough, which is that it doesn’t do any good to have effective medications for an illness if people don’t take them,” she said at the Johns Hopkins 21st Annual Mood Disorders Symposium.Approximately 40 – 45 percent of bipolar patients do not take their medications as prescribed.Abide by Some Rules My husband and I have several rules: I call the doctor after three days of incessant crying or no sleep. It’s like how Jack Nicholson told Helen Hunt in the movie “As Good As It Gets” that she makes him want to take his meds, she “makes him want to be a better man.” The truth is that many marriages get stuck on this one.