Tips for dating someone with bipolar disorder

12-Jan-2017 23:28

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If you’re not familiar with the traits associated with these conditions, many people can underestimate the impact they can have on relationships.

In many cases, you might not even know what your partner is experiencing, which can lead you to misinterpret their feelings for you—among other miscommunications.

It’s normal to get frustrated with your partner’s symptoms at times, so having a professional to speak to about how feeling (and who won’t take sides), is important.

“After all, you both need to be taking care of yourselves for your relationship to be healthy,” she says.

They may not be avoiding , but perhaps a situation that can trigger a reaction.

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These will likely include aggressive or hostile actions.

“The biggest challenge you’re likely to face is feeling frustrated that you can’t fix things.

Jun 13, 2017. When you love someone who suffers from bipolar disorder, you are exposed to every aspect of the illness. It is a challenging proposition to maintain a healthy relationship with someone. Tips. Develop routines with your mentally ill loved one that will provide security and help keep things on an even keel.… continue reading »

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It can be challenging when you're with someone who's struggling with mental illnesses like anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, or any other condition—especially if you've never experienced any of these symptoms yourself. If you're not familiar with the traits associated with these conditions, many people can.… continue reading »

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Jul 12, 2017. Here's the explanation of why we act how we do in relationships. It's REALLYYY frustrating to me not having certainty on my emotions because I'm Bipolar. SUP.… continue reading »

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If you are dating someone with a true mental disorder, then that person should first be aware himself of his problem. If he has not sought out medical attention and given himself the potential for stability through medication or through a daily routine, then that person is not ready for you to date. For instance, if you are dating a.… continue reading »

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