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Ask questions, be interested and always be sincere.3) Be relaxed and honest during your date If you are tense or evasive, your date may not trust you, will not be comfortable on the date or be keen to go on a second date with you.Healthy marriages are never built on images or masks, but rather on openness. Many people are in love with being in love, rather than seeking God’s best for the other. Don’t so entwine the other person in your demands and expectations that he or she cannot become what all that’s possible in Christ.Similarly, dating, to be healthy, must be a place where we work at being who we really are. Romance will grab you soon enough, but friendship requires careful development. Live in the reality of where a relationship is in its development, not in the fantasy of where you would like it to be. Enjoy each relationship and resist the temptation of constantly trying to discern where you are in it—and where the other person is. Think about what you put into the relationship, not what you want to get out of it. It’s easy to smother the other person rather than serving him or her.2) Be interested in sharing details of your personal life and learn more about your date If you don’t open up and show them who you really are, how are they going to get to know you?Further, why would they share things about themselves if you don’t?Men should try to avoid looking too casual and turn up as if they have just come from the beach. 5) Don’t reveal everything about yourself on the first date Half the fun of dating is getting to know the person.It is important to be yourself but first dates are very much like interviews – a controlled release of information where you paint yourself in a favourable light. Create an air of mystery so that he/she will want to see you again.

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4) Wear something appropriate and feel comfortable in it Women should not dress too sexy for a first date which means no plunging necklines and no short skirts.We love to be around people who inspire us and what is more inspiring than being with someone who is passionate about their work, their hobby or anything at all.Excited people are interesting and we are drawn to learn more.Many singles find themselves nervous and apprehensive on a first date because they worry about how they will get through it and whether or not this first date will lead to future dates.

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