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12-Jul-2017 01:17

It isn't about whether or not you like the thing.

It's about the fact that we're creating a world where an "or" is more important than an "and." It's about the fact that we're using fantasy to point fingers at entire groups of people in "reality." It's about the fact that we're so desperate for ourselves that we won't allow people to be themselves. #black #blackness #blackpeople #blackdollars #blackexcellence #blackgirlmagic #blackboyjoy #blackjoy #blackmedia #travelnoire #jillisblack #wedontallhavetolikethreethingstogetfree #representation #issupposedtocatertoindividuality #buthow #pleasedontaskmewhatithoughtofthething #justtakemyblackcardandbeonyourjoyfulassway You wanted more unsolicited dating advice, so here's a bit.

USDA’s Farm Service Agency has offices in nearly every county in the country.

Meanwhile, Aubrey O’Day’s rumored new boyfriend, DJ Pauly D, began starring in MTV’s in 2009, and continued his run on the show, along with co-stars Nicole Polizzi, Michael Sorrentino, Jennifer Farley, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, Samantha Giancola, Vinny Guadagnino, Angelina Pivarnick, and Deena Nicole Cortese for six seasons.

There goes the xml schema and the wsdl generated on the fly.

After enjoying soap web service development with Spring, I decided to make my own article that will get up and running spring web services from contract to security.

It requires knowledge of SOAP, xml schema, xml frameworks, and marshallers.

Despite the learning curve, the reward is so rewarding.

I used to enjoy plotting some good old-fashioned revenge against people who I was supposed to trust and who were supposed to trust me.

I don't think it's a coincidence that I'm not in any of those relationships anymore, or that many of those people are still sharing Facebook articles about how to recover from an unhealthy relationship with a selfish person in just 10 easy steps. So maybe @jillisblack works as long as I sit in a chair, self-righteously translating the beliefs of my own ego into one-minute rants.

If I allow it, I get to be more of a character than a person and thus, I can protect my own fragility--a new goal created by our obsession with social media.