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30-Jan-2017 15:28

Microsoft have documented this trace flag here and here.Let’s enable the trace flag: Now, re-issue the same update statistics commands and take a look at the locks/blocks using the same methods as before: The sp_Who Is Active stored procedure output above shows that there is no blocking now.Querying sys.dm_tran_locks reveals similar information: SELECT request_session_id, resource_type, resource_subtype, resource_description, request_status, request_mode FROM sys.dm_tran_locks WHERE request_session_id IN (56,57) AND request_owner_type != 'SHARED_TRANSACTION_WORKSPACE' ORDER BY request_session_id The output above again shows the exclusive (X) lock taken on the OBJECT.Sales Order Detail Enlarged (IX_Sales Order Detail Enlarged_Product ID) WITH FULLSCAN; The output above shows that the second update statistic operation issued by session 57 is being blocked by session 56.

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main strategic issues mandating coordinated action

Previously, an exclusive (X) lock was acquired on the OBJECT.

Microsoft’s recommended best practice is to only use TF 7471 during dedicated maintenance windows due to the fact that it increases the possibility of deadlocks.

The Moto Calc Workbench Specifying Motor Information Specifying Battery Information Specifying a Drive System Specifying a Speed Control Specifying Airframe Information Specifying Restrictions Options What is a Database Browser?

We investigate the viability of implementing QR updating algorithms on GPUs and demonstrate that GPU-based updating for removing columns achieves speed-ups of up to 13.5× compared with full GPU QR factorization.

We characterize the conditions under which other types of updates also achieve speed-ups.You can specify a range for the number of cells, gear ratio, propeller diameter, and propeller pitch, and Moto Calc will produce a table of predictions for each combination.Moto Calc will predict weight, current, voltage at the motor terminals, input power, output power, power loss, motor efficiency, motor RPM, power-loading, electrical efficiency, motor RPM, propeller or fan RPM, static thrust, pitch speed, and run time.By producing a table of predictions, Moto Calc lets you determine the optimum propeller size and/or gear ratio for your particular application.

The first implementation of QR factorization updating algorithms on GPUs. • We achieved speed-ups over full QR factorization of over 13× in some cases.… continue reading »

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