Vfp validating data in different table

22-Feb-2018 18:15

If you're working with SQL Server Compact Edition or SQLite as local data stores, whether for Windows or Windows Phone apps, there are a number of handy Visual Studio extensions that will help.

The SQL Server Compact/SQLite Toolbox extension shown in Figure 1 provides a huge palette of features that makes light work of moving data between data sources, managing data sources, querying, scripting, and generating code against those data sources, all right within the Visual Studio IDE.

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A similar tool worth taking a look at, particularly if you don't need all of the features offered by SQL Server Compact Toolbox, is the SQL Compact Code Generator extension, which provides a graphical interface for navigating your data sources and automatically creating entity classes and data access code, xml-doc code comments for entities and data access methods, entity unit tests and data access unit tests (MSTest, NUnit, and x Unit), as well as Windows Phone LINQ to SQL Data Context classes.Back in 2011, I wrote a column for MSDN Magazine on data integration tools and resources; there, you'll find more background, tips and tricks resources focused on general data programming, SQL, LINQ, Entity Framework and a few popular object-relational mapping tools. Most of the information is still relevant for getting started.In this column, I'll take a look specifically at some tools and extensions that will help you wrangle with database access and data programming within Visual Studio.About the Author Terrence Dorsey is a technical writer, editor and content strategist specializing in technology and software development.