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Reading the women's comments, I could see each one pushing back from her computer and flinging her hands up with disgust."My biggest gripe is that the guys have actual clothes and women have to walk around in itty bitty slutty underwear and teeny tiny strappy high heels," wrote one. ""It struck me as a very guy ideal," said another, who admits that she found the virtual environment difficult and distracting in general.

"As for the porn available, there are easier ways to surf for naughty bits."I finally entered Red Light Center last week, wondering how much had changed since my helpers first saw it.

The men felt Red Light Center had potential, but was too difficult to use and lacked important features.

One said that viewing the porn videos in a browser window killed his sense of immersion.

Regina Lynn poses in front of the main plaza in Red Light Center.

Females aren't as scantily clad as they used to be, but males still get the better t-shirts.

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I wandered through an erotic art gallery, watched a porn video and ran through the public sex hall before I realized where I was.

Like most newbies, I found my way to the clubs and started clicking the dance animations, developing my own signature fusion of ballet, hip-hop and the funky chicken. In the past, I've slipped into virtual environments incognito.

But this time I let the community know who I was and that I was researching for a column.

Another liked running around naked but had a hard time finding women to chat with.

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Both men and women decried the generic avatars, the inability to customize anything and the clunky user interface.

*\—One thing you notice in my line of work is that everyone likes to talk about future enhancements rather than current functionality, even if it took years to get a product to its current state.