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Firefox and Chrome may get the spotlight in the browser wars, but those of you using Safari, IE, or Opera aren’t totally safe just by virtue of your browser choice.Just this week, Google was caught with its hands in the cookie jar (no pun intended) circumventing cookie protection controls in Internet Explorer 9.Our clients were huge companies and one of the services we offered was to collect information about people, their demographics, income, and habits, and then roll it up so they could get a complete picture about who you are and how to convince you to buy their products.In some cases, we designed web sites and campaigns to convince you to provide even more information in exchange for a coupon, discount, or the simple promise of other of those. The real money is in taking your data and shacking up with third parties to help come up with new ways to convince you to spend money, sign up for services, and give up more information.It would be fine if you decided to give up this information for a tangible benefit, but you may never see a benefit aside from an ad, and no one’s including you in the decision. If you’re a Chrome user, there are tons of great add-ons and tools designed to help you uncover which sites transmit data to third parties without your knowledge, which third parties are talking about you, and which third parties are tracking your activity across sites.This list isn’t targeted to a specific social network or company—instead, these extensions can help you with multiple offenders.Considering Dolphin is our pick for the best Android browser and Atomic is our favorite for i OS, they’re worth downloading.If none of these extensions make you feel any better, or you want to take protecting your privacy and personal data to the next level, it’s time to break out the big guns.

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Script No is a bit more advanced, and may take some getting used to.In addition to installing extensions, make sure you practice basic browser maintenance that keeps your browser running smoothly and protects your privacy at the same time.Head into Chrome’s Advanced Content Settings, and make sure you have third-party cookies blocked and all cookies set to clear after browsing sessions.Firefox’s “Do Not Track” feature is worth enabling as well, even if many sites circumvent it with well-placed cookies and social plug-ins that are all but required if a site wants a social media presence or solid placement in search results these days.