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04-Feb-2018 09:30

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Some analysts have argued that dizzying social and cultural upheavals in Britain over the past decades have meant that far from adopting an alien way of life, some female Muslim converts are re-embracing certain aspects of mid-20th-century Britain, such as rigid gender demarcation, rather than feeling expected to juggle career and family.

The first established Muslim communities started in Britain in the 1860s, when Yemani sailors and Somali labourers settled around the ports of London, Cardiff, Liverpool and Hull.

I usually don't wear one in the West except when praying. I always try to explain to people that I've converted to Islam, not to any culture.

I worry about doing something wrong; people whispering because they see my blonde hair and blue eyes.

Middlesbrough is a difficult place to be a Muslim who isn't Asian – you tend to be treated like an outsider.