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01-Apr-2017 05:19

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The real challenge begins when Gayle wants Tracy to be part of the styling service team.

Olivia may be ready to move on from the drama, but Tracy has other plans in mind. Tracy decides that the Gatsby is a much better place to develop her career and cuts professional ties with Alexa’s Glam Fairy business.

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Mother-daughter team Gayle and Christy are still beaming from the Gatsby winning the “Best Hair & Make-up” award at New Jersey Fashion Week and relishing the fact that they beat their rival, The Glam Fairy.

When Gayle makes him an offer he can’t refuse, Anthony is once again back to splitting his time between his salon and all the drama at the Gatsby.

He is welcomed with open arms by intern Filippo who quickly puts Anthony on a diet to try to get him into better shape.

The Jersey-based reality show that we wrote about before anyone had heard of it, “Jerseylicious,” will be back for its third season May 15.

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Here is the press release about that gang in Green Brook, N. THE STYLE NETWORK’S #1 SERIES “JERSEYLICIOUS” RETURNS FOR 20 ALL-NEW EPISODES IN THE MOST DRAMATIC SEASON YET BEGINNING SUNDAY, MAY 15 AT 8PM ET/PT Tearful and Tantrum-Filled Two-Part Reunion Special Hosted By Vivica A.

It doesn’t look like Alexa and Gayle will be Facebook friends any time soon.