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Still, I thought it was important that I watch ABC's new series The show barely pays attention to the internet.You see the women scrolling through headlines at an unnamed dating site, or reading a few lines of an e-mail here and there.The show can no longer pretend to portray "reality."Lisa is so ashamed to be "all over the internet" that she doesn't post a picture with her profile or e-mail a photo to a prospective date beforehand. As soon as Cynthia's date tells her he's taking her to the Blue Man Group, she one-ups him by saying she's already seen it three times.She pretends her name is Jennifer and refuses to reveal that she's a doctor – even when her date is also an M. That might be a funny confession to make later if things are going well, the banter is light, and the mutual attraction is building.

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offers no context or commentary, merely allowing each person a few moments of monologue out of earshot from their dates.

pluck my eyebrows bald than sit through a reality TV show – not because I like a smooth brow, but because 30 minutes of tweezing is less painful than 30 minutes of semi-scripted simulations pretending to be real life. But reality TV irks me on a number of levels, the first of which being the most obvious: It's so terribly fake.

It pretends to be genuine while encouraging drama too asinine to be believable in fiction.

Maybe they exchanged text messages all day, building things up so much that the "sorry, no chemistry" e-mail truly did shock Claire.

Still, according to Breakup Girl Lynn Harris, an e-mail is appropriate after just two or three dates if you first made contact online.

Amy, who likes to announce that she wants to make babies, follows her date up to his apartment on the very first day. Isn't that number one on the list of what not to do with someone you just met online?